Welcome to my journey!

a man and two children in a stroller
a man and two children in a stroller

Hey, my name is Losi, a mother to three amazing boys.

My journey started 13 years ago where I started searching for something more to life than working in a 9-5 job.

I was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 30. My boys were very young with my youngest at the age of five months old.

I've been working in a job half of my life where working 80 hours a week was normal to me. I was very comfortable with working in a job which I thought back then, was the only way to earn money.

Going through chemo and radiotherapy at the time, was a matter of life and death for me, not knowing how my body will respond to the treatments?

So I thought what if this doesn't go well, what am I leaving behind for my children???

The thought of working a 9-5 job was no longer the only option for me.

So, I started searching the internet on my good days in between my treatments, where I became more aware of the opportunities that the online world has to offer.

I started painting a vision that one day.....

I will be financially free.

I will spend more time with my children.

I will finally get to travel the world and live a freedom life in abundance with my family.

I ended up tapping into affiliate marketing, but because I had little knowledge at the time and didn't really know how it all works, it didn't progress further.

After years of learning and trialing network marketing.

I started surfing the net again where it led me to an opportunity that was familiar to me, which changed my life for the better.

Affiliate Marketing gave me life freedom to do life with the people I love at my own terms.

And most importantly I know my children will be taken care of when I leave this earth!

Before it all happened.....

Time for change.....

Life with Affiliate Marketing.....



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